Core Programmes

Core Programmes

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SWIFT’s strategic intent focuses on three (3) core programmes to facilitate the implementation of the organisation’s mission and goals to achieve its vision. The following core programmes are what drives SWIFT. Each program has its own strategic focus, objectives and implementation plans, delivered as annual projects supported by brand activations, in collaboration with key strategic and industry partnerships.


SWIFT advocates for equality, transformation, empowerment, representation of women throughout the industry value chain, access to work opportunities and safety for women in their work environment. Further, the program drives strategic partnerships, sustainable funding and income generation for organisational stability that will enable the organisation to achieve its goals.

The following are key initiatives of Advocacy:

Safety Contact Officer (SCO) programme: as part of the sexual harassment strategy. The SCO is one of the flagship programs at SWIFT that responds and addresses safety in the work environment. The program provides guidance to assist and act as a resource to use should there be an incident of any kind of sexual harassment in productions. It is created through collaborative partnerships with production companies who have a duty of care and responsibility, in terms of Section 6 of the Employment Equity Act and the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act.
Safety Officer Ambassadors (SOA): to work with SWIFT in establishing a safe work environment for both men and women in the AV industry.
Code of Good Practise (Toolkit) a guide to understanding and handling Sexual Harassment in the Film and Television Industry (“the Code”) as required by the Employment Equity Act.
Awareness Campaigns to promote the existence and understanding of the above.

Skills & Mentorship

This program provides engagement platforms, creates mentorship and training, facilitate support structures for emerging filmmakers up-skilling of experienced women and create training opportunities.
The following are some of the initiatives of the program:
Industry Readiness training programme presented by captains of the industry that entails training and understanding of the industry value chain.
Masterclasses on particular aspects of the industry.
Support and mentorship opportunitiesto further catapult women’s career aspirations.
Improve on the number of women equipped in scarce skills to allow them to occupy positions previously reserved for men.

Sisterhood Cinema

The program supports and promotes content development, provides networking opportunities, platforms to showcase work created by SWIFT members and women in general in the industry and to engage on stories and narratives by women. Further, the program drives the support for market access locally and globally,
  • Attendance and participation at market access platforms i.e film festivals locally and globally .
  • Support the positive depiction of women on screen and women driven narratives.
  • Increase the collaboration on production of women content.
  • Support the creative and professional work of women involved in various productions through hosted screenings to showcase their talents within and outside of SWIFT.
  • Honour and celebrate women-led content projects from South Africa, the diaspora, and the world.
  • Inspire dialogue that question the representation of women on and off-screen through various Thought Leadership engagements.