Female Filmmaker Friday features award-winning Assistant Director, Producer@Sivuyisile Giba

In the captivating world of filmmaking, every frame tells a unique story,and Sivuyisile Giba is a trailblazer weaving her narrative with brilliance. As an award-winning Assistant Director, Producer, and co-founder of SivuBuhle Media, Sivuyisile has carved her path in the industry with passion and purpose.
Sivuyisile’s journey is fueled by a deep commitment to sharing diverse stories that reflect our culture and heritage. She believes that orytelling is a powerful tool for preserving the essence of who we are.
For Sivuyisile, staying creative is not just a choice but a duty. Every opportunity
becomes a canvas for her to showcase her talents and inspire the next generation of
artists. Through her experiences, she aims to demonstrate that success is attainable
with dedication and creativity.
As a female filmmaker and the owner of her production company, Sivuyisile is on a dual mission: to craft compelling films and to serve as a beacon of inspiration. She takes pride in being part of a rising wave of women reshaping the filmmaking landscape, shattering barriers in the process.
Among the highlights of her career, one moment stands out—the exhilarating experience of serving as an assistant director on MAD MAX – FURY ROAD. The sheer thrill of contributing to such an iconic project in the picturesque landscapes of Cape Town remains etched in Sivuyisile’s memory, a testament to her journey’s extraordinary twists and turns.
In the reel of Sivuyisile Giba’s 12 year filmmaking experience, each frame echoes her passion, resilience, and dedication to storytelling. She’s not just making films; she’s weaving the fabric of our cultural tapestry, one frame at a time