Jacintha de Nobrega scoops us into her life as an award-winning contributorto the entertainment industry

Olwethu Maseko

#FemaleFilmmakerFriday features Jacintha de Nobrega, an award-winning producer
and founder of Arclight Productions, is in the Durban Film Mart Boards ❤

I feel a deep inspiration to share our stories in a way that resonates with audiences from all walks of life. To me, the film entertainment industry is the epitome of creativity and liberation.
My love for nature serves as a constant source of inspiration for my creative projects. Whether I’m taking a walk on the beach or hiking in the forest, being close to nature reminds me of the vitality of life itself. Being creative is what defines my identity in the industry moreover being a woman. My motivation behind storytelling is to provide entertainment and education. I like it fits in well with my feeling of pride and joy.
One of the most memorable moments of my career was when a young person reached out to thank me for providing them with an opportunity to work in the industry. Knowing that I played a part in helping to develop this person’s career, and seeing them now successfully working in the industry, was incredibly rewarding for me. S/O.

I absolutely love being a part of SWIFT because of the amazing sisterhood it provides –
it’s an incredibly supportive and encouraging community. I’m grateful to have such a
strong network of women who support my work, and whenever I need a helping hand or
guidance, I turn to my SWIFT sisters for support.

The influence of loved ones is immeasurable, my children continue to be my muse and
constantly inspire me to choose projects that will embed a sense of pride in them.
I’m currently in the pre-production phase for a delightful romantic comedy titled ‘Lottery
Love’, while also focusing on the distribution of my 2018 feature documentary ‘London

Jacintha de Nobrega has been recognized for her work with several awards, some of
which include:
– Beach Durban Rescue (2017)
– “Deep End” in categories such as ‘Best Film’ and ‘Best Director

View Trailer for London Recruits: