SWIFT awards TUT student with one year Student Membership

Olwethu Maseko

Tummie Yolanda Mehlape’s cinematic talent transpired through her latest fifth year student film, ‘Anxious Control’ which won under the category “Best Essay Film.” Tummie’s award-winning essay film explores the journey of a conflicted student who loses faith but eventually finds strength in prayer and self-discovery. The project’s enigmatic quality touched the hearts of viewers, making Tummie’s win much deserved.
“Winning the award and becoming a SWIFT member are both invaluable platforms that will help me to connect with industry professionals and open doors to new career opportunities,” said Tummie. “I’m excited to be part of a supportive community dedicated to empowering women in film and television.”
Her exceptional storytelling skills and cinematic vision struck a chord with audiences, garnering her critical acclaim and recognition among her peers. But that’s not all – Tummie has also been gifted a year’s membership at SWIFT which includes: ● Access to skills and mentorship opportunities ● Member of our WhatsApp networking group ● Access to Sisterhood Cinema screenings, panel discussions & webinars.
As a filmmaker, Tummie recognizes the importance of being part of a community that supports and empowers diverse voices in the industry. The gift of a SWIFT membership complements her Best Essay Film accolade, providing a valuable platform to connect with industry experts, access resources, and open doors to new career opportunities.
Tummie adds, “I’m passionate about using my unique voice and vision to inspire audiences with my films, and I’m grateful for the recognition and support that winning this award and becoming a SWIFT member brings.” Tummie is committed to making her mark in the film industry through her unique storytelling style and visual cinematography. She encourages other filmmakers to invest in refining their skills, have faith in their ideas, and embrace hard work.
So, let’s raise our glasses, filled to the brim, for Tummie Yolanda Mehlape!
Congratulations on your well-deserved SWIFT membership and award. As the curtain rises on the next act of her extraordinary career, we eagerly anticipate the magic, the emotions, and the transformative experiences her films will undoubtedly bring. SWIFT cannot wait to see your star shine brighter than ever before!