Women in Crew

As the Joburg Film Festival celebrates its sixth year, renowned for premiering national and international film screenings, it remains a pivotal platform for film professionals, established filmmakers, and youth to enhance their skills, undergo training, and network effectively.
SWIFT is thrilled to participate in this year’s festival, engaging in a panel discussion centred around “Women in Crew.” This important topic illuminates industry insights and challenges, drawing attention to the crucial conversation surrounding diversity and inclusivity. Our latest research underscores that between 22% and 24% of women occupy technical crew roles, highlighting the need for continued dialogue and action in this area.
The SWIFT panel features distinguished industry practitioners who will share their experiences and invaluable lessons that have solidified their positions as trailblazers in the technical departments. We are excited to unveil our esteemed panellists over the next two days, including a moderator who was recently featured as a #FemaleFilmmakerFriday highlight, generating enthusiastic acclaim from the community.
Prepare to immerse yourselves in insights from women poised for creativity, innovation, and impact… and most importantly, be ready to ask questions! We are eager to uncover the journeys that led them to the pinnacle of their careers. We look forward to seeing you at the Jo’burg Film Festival!